Saturday, September 7, 2013

mini me

I make so many cards for other people  it is unusual to give cards to special people in my life. I made this card for a friend who was moving away and I wanted to give some of myself which i feel  I don't do often enough. I wanted this card to reflect me as a person. I used a picture of me as a very young girl. I happen to love this pic as my grannie actually made what i was wearing. we were outside the house where my family lived and my mum met my dad. my grannie, my mum and i are quite creative. my grannie who has passed had a great sense of colour have I . This card  has words which mean a lot to me and is very symbolic. take a close look and get to know me better too. i hope you enjoy looking ... xx have a fantabulous day and kiss someone you love. xx 

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