Saturday, September 7, 2013

mini me

I make so many cards for other people  it is unusual to give cards to special people in my life. I made this card for a friend who was moving away and I wanted to give some of myself which i feel  I don't do often enough. I wanted this card to reflect me as a person. I used a picture of me as a very young girl. I happen to love this pic as my grannie actually made what i was wearing. we were outside the house where my family lived and my mum met my dad. my grannie, my mum and i are quite creative. my grannie who has passed had a great sense of colour have I . This card  has words which mean a lot to me and is very symbolic. take a close look and get to know me better too. i hope you enjoy looking ... xx have a fantabulous day and kiss someone you love. xx 

Friday, September 6, 2013

classes at the settlement

I was very fortunate to be asked to work at The Pioneer Settlement in Swan Hill recently. I conducted daily classes for visitors .. the cards i designed were unique to the Settlement. I tried to make them a true souvenir .. I had locals and people all the way from Canberra. I had adults and kids alike staining their own book paper and distressing paper and gluing buttons. I had kits prepared and I think fun was had by young and old. It was a great experience and had very positive feedback. i hope I get the opportunity again. xx here are the cards I designed .

Thursday, September 5, 2013

random work

A few items that i have made. The frame with mixed media squares is a workshop i taught and the work is by sandie bell, a fellow artist.. my frame got damaged moving house. sandie kindly allowed me to photograph her work. meeting mario rossi and tim holtz has been a life work seems to take on a different slant each time... i think thats what i love about creating... never having the same thing twice.. variation on a theme sometimes but never exactly the same... too boring for me xx  let me know what you think One of my other passions is baking.. the little pocket without the flower was oneof twenty five gifts for a recent re union with pals that i havent seen for some time. I hand died the paper and die cut the flowers.. the biscuits were cinnamon kisses. all in all they looked super..tasted yummo too. what do you think..very simple to make but very effective. the gals seemed to enjoy them and apparently there was NO sharing!! lol. xx 

Last year I designed  a canvas as a gift for a friend. At the moment I have started the opposite canvas for myself. The female angel for a male friend and the male version for myself. I would like to share the first canvas with you and keep you updated with my progress. I have been making the male torsos with paperclay and molds. It is such an empowering project... here goes . xx

gifts to alastair

A friend who manages The Pioneer Settlement in Swan Hill sadly has moved away. As a gift to him I designed a few cards to showcase the Settlement  for him to take on his new journey as a memento of his time here. I hope you like them xx

Monday, June 3, 2013

hi there guys. Have made a couple of cards in the last few days. One as a thankyou for a friend and the other a "just becasue". have a gander...see what you think xx

Saturday, May 18, 2013

HI Ho peeps,

Well my insomnia is at it's worst... not getting any sleep  but hey. I have been busy with a few things.. I have been making some thankyou cards. I want to share one of them with you.. I don't often work in pink ..but I am proud of this little girl. I used alcohol inks to alter metal tape, sink washers and various little bits n bobs... this sort of card for me fills all my boxes but most importantly I am totally unique. This sort of card would be very difficult to teach as the same products used and vastly different results. I really relish that happening but a lot of adults want to re create your work..however ..the fun is rummaging around your stash to see what you can play with. Hope you like this ..leave me a comment if you wish. Have a great Sunday.. my Mum is travelling up to see me as I type so all is good in the world xx